Jacksonville has a long history of supporting the military and its national security role.

Jacksonville is a city of nearly a million people where one of every four residents is either on active duty, is serving in the reserves, or is a proud veteran.  We are honored to host a military/veteran population of nearly 250,000 people in the Jacksonville community.

From the start, my administration has made military issues a top priority…

When the United States Air Force announced its selection of the A-29 Super Tucano for its Light Air Support Program, I proclaimed it to be great economic news for the City of Jacksonville.

This state-of-the-art light air support aircraft will be built here, initially creating 50 high-wage jobs and representing millions in economic investment.

I was extremely proud that Embraer, the plane’s manufacturer as part of the Sierra Nevada Corp. team, had selected our city for this important effort.

This plane will play an integral role in completing our counterinsurgency mission in Afghanistan and in bringing our troops home safely and quickly…

Unfortunately, the investment that will happen here in Jacksonville is being held up by a lawsuit filed by the disqualified competitor for the Light Air Support contract.

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