Built for the mission.

Sierra Nevada Corporation, in partnership with Embraer Defense & Security, is proud to present the U.S.-built, combat-proven and cost-effective A-29 as the gold standard for light attack aircraft.

Why Light Attack

A U.S. Air Force or international light attack aircraft (LAA) facilitates:

  • A lower cost alternative for fighting in permissive environments, including insurgencies
  • Reduced wear and tear on more expensive fighter fleets
  • More training time to build pilot proficiency and skill sets

Why A-29

The A-29 is the ideal light attack aircraft solution. With an active production line and low operation and sustainment costs, the A-29 can easily transition into the field to enhance warfighter support and bring greater value and affordability to the customer.

  • Built to perform from unimproved runways in austere environments & rugged terrain
  • Combat-proven and selected by 14 air forces worldwide
  • Cost effective with low maintenance footprint
  • Only aircraft in its class with a U.S. Military Type Certificate
Recent News
A-29 on Twitter

How does @AFSpecOpsCmd plan on using its light attack aircraft? Get the lowdown from @beverstine at https://t.co/bMvyccVEEy. #AvGeek #aviation

Precision of laser-guided bombs/the ability to strike at night means that “enemies know that they can hide anywhere, but not from A-29” — Lt. Col. Ferdinand, Commander, 438th Air Expeditionary Advisory Squadron #3YearsOfSuccess #Afghanistan 🇦🇫 #CombatProven

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